The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 429

I know I will probably hear some debate from the Mir-lovers out there, but I am just going to flat out declare G.O the most playful out of all of the members of MBLAQ, past and present. I am certain there is not a single toy out there that would be able to escape his keen curiosity or desire to just play. Our sweet music man hardly needs any further ammunition to fuel his mischief, that’s for sure. Thanks to his adoring A+, his toy collection is no doubt vast and varied. He took home some choice pieces from the 21 July 2013 fan sign in Pyeongchon, but not without having his way with them first.

I mentioned yesterday that I had a fun fancam prepared for this Fan-Camming Friday and that fun comes in the adorable and playful package that is Byung Hee from the Pyeongchon fan sign. Bubbles, a sword-shaped water gun, a bowling ball-shaped body massager, a magical pink wand and, well a questionable DVD (hey now, don’t judge – fun takes on all shapes, sizes and forms!).  No matter what it was that day, all of it managed to put smile on G.O’s face, invited mischief and most likely brought all kinds of happiness to the fans in attendance.

* * *

Now THAT is the kind of mood I love to see G.O in. When he has fun, we have fun. It’s that simple!

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