The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 422

The sound of a voice that is authoritative, abrupt and cold begins to flood his heart with the memory of a deep and painful loss. His mind is transported back to when she left. His heart is reminded of the void he is still suffering. He longs to hear her comforting voice and not his abusive tone. Dong Ho is devastated. Lost. Heartbroken. The intensely emotional 소리기억 [I Remember The Sound] in 서편제 [Seopyeonje] is a flashback moment from the mind of Dong Ho who relives the tragedy surrounding the death of his mother. A death he squarely blames on his stepfather, Yoo Bong. Continuing on my spring Seopyeonje revival, the heart-wrenching 소리기억 [I Remember The Sound] is the subject of our Fan-Camming Friday today.

This moment in the musical was so powerful and emotional. G.O completely stunned me. Tears filled my eyes when I watched him perform. And, this was my first time. This was the first time I was seeing G.O perform live . . . in anything. It was overwhelming.

G.O’s interpretation of Dong Ho’s agony was visceral and raw. The honesty and pathos he brought to the role filled the audience with sympathy for the confused and tender-hearted Dong Ho. It seemed at the height of despair (at least before Dong Ho leaves to search for his own voice and dreams), his loving sister Song Hwa was his only emotional anchor, and the only one who could possible console him, and she did time and again.

This fancam comes with the beautiful consoling moment that followed Dong Ho’s emotional break down when brilliant child actress Yoon Si Young who, in her portrayal of the young version of Dong Ho’s elder sister Song Hwa, offers him comfort while easing his heart with her tender performance of 누이, which is another form (I believe) of the word 누나 or, older sister.

So moving. So beautiful. Sometimes I think I could spend the remaining 309 days talking about G.O’s performance in Seopyeonje.


[Video cr. 박정희]

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