The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 421

I would like to continue with our little Road to Seopyeonje retrospective as we look back at G.O’s preparation for his role as the fractured and fragile Dong Ho. The role of Dong Ho required a versatile musical actor. He had to act, sing and believably play the 소리북 [sori buk], a traditional drum used to accompany pansori. G.O accomplished it all and deserved all of the praise, accolades and the musical award he received for his tender and honest portrayal of the complex Dong Ho. Putting the serious aside for a moment, let’s revisit the rehearsal studio where G.O, along with his fellow actors he shared the role with (Michael Lee and Song Yong Jin) learned the way of the sori buk.

Seopyeonje still fills me with such emotion. Any time I revisit the musical or some aspect of it, it takes me right back. I haven’t watched these rehearsal clips in a good long while so it is a complete delight reliving the excitement of seeing G.O in the throes of preparing. Yes, it had to be demanding to learn how to play an instrument that was as central to his character as was his voice; but G.O is quite smart and a quick study as well. Plus, when is playing the drum not fun?!

* * *

Then, accompanying (I believe) Lee Ja Ram:

When I look back on those early months of 2014, I can’t help but remember how busy G.O was as in addition to Seopyeonje rehearsals, he was also preparing for MBLAQ’s comeback. I am amazed how he balanced it all with such absolute focus and grace.

I am forever thankful G.O is as passionate about his art as he is, and also so very willing to share it with us. His hard work on the Seopyeonje stage did not go unnoticed. His fans got to see another facet of his amazing artistry; those who did not know him, discovered a new talent, and he was ultimately honored with an award for his performance. I look forward to what he will share upon his return. I am counting the days . . .


[Video cr. gina818]

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