The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 423

We were but eight days into April when G.O surprised us with another update. He is truly spoiling us, don’t you agree? But I am not complaining. This lovely selca came in the wee hours of the morning actually of 9 April 2017 while most in the east were asleep and most of us in the west were wide awake with our day well under way. For this reason, I was actually thrilled to have that 14 hour time difference between Chicago and Seoul!

*So handsome*

The truly beautiful part about this selca is that G.O once again shared a picture of himself in the sweet sanctuary of his recording studio. I think it is pretty clear that his passion for music is as bountiful and strong as it ever was and with these recent updates, he is letting us all know it. When one of my friends whose fave group is not even MBLAQ saw this update, she said (and I have to quote this directly because it is perfect):

If whatever he is working on sounds as good as he
looks while he is working on it, Lord help us all.
A masterpiece is in the works.

Amen to that.

~😍 ~

[Image cr. G.O]

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