The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 410

I knew at some point in this countdown series that I would get a chance to completely love on one of my favorite performances of MBLAQ’s Smoky Girl . . . ever. The 26 June 2013 MBC Music Picnic Live performance was probably about as sultry and steamy as that summer day (it reach 86°F/30°C…I checked) itself. Once again a group effort back by a live band, there were still some delicious G.O standout moments nevertheless which give me rise to place the Picnic Live performance of Smoky Girl securely in the Vocal Virtuosity category. It is Day 410 and perhaps a bit sinful to get this steamy for Sunday, but I cannot help myself. And really, the steam comes early and cools off into an energetic and fun upbeat version of this killer song.~.^

If there is one live performance I truly regret not being able to experience first hand and in person, it is probably the MBC Music Picnic Live performance. EVERY song performed that evening was  an MBLAQ classic, true. But the men took their classics to an entirely new level.

The group was in the midst of promoting their latest mini album at the time [Sexy Beat] and were therefore able to have some fun with the one and only single released from that album, Smoky Girl. They did so by easing into the song with some slow, soothing and oh-so-sexy vocals. *fans self*

Here is a taste of the rehearsal which would have had me completely impatient having to wait for the performance later that evening.

The other thing that made the song (and all of the songs on the set list that evening) even better was that the men were being back by a live band. I cannot say it enough: a performance backed by a live band is its own special beast. There is an electricity that cannot be measured. Even the feeling you get from the vibration of the music is different.

And while it is true that I could listen to G.O sing any song backed by any form of accompaniment, the live band is wonderfully organic and natural, and that suits him. I think back on the performances from Immortal Song 2 and even King of Masked Singer and continue to believe that his work on those programs was some of his best, and he was consistently backed by a live band or musicians. Even Seopyeonje . . . oh my. A live orchestra/band in a musical is simply unsurpassed. I am not downing recorded music tracks, mind you. I am simply stating that the sound, feel and emotion of a live band/orchestra is a whole new feel, for those performing as well as those listening.

Back to Smoky Girl . . . the way the men eased into the song before they let the fury of it’s urgent dance flavor be unleashed was truly sublime and a detour from the recorded studio track.

Of course, playful G.O had to get his back up dancer groove on during Mir’s rap. Yes, he is cheeky, goofy and adorable – as always! But when it comes to the singing, he’s not playing. Not with that voice. No way.

Live performances are magical. Sure, they are rehearsed and have parameters, but there is still something unpredictable about them.

That is what makes them so amazing.

That is what makes them so very special.


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