The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 400

Happy 400th Day of G.O’s service!! Four hundred days . . . can you even believe it?! Honestly, the time is moving so quickly. Before we know it, G.O will be discharged and his military service complete. For this day, which actually on my countdown calendar is a G.O One Shot day, I want to share the ethereal fan art of Woorugo, particularly her Prince Ho Dong series she has entitled Believe. Her renditions are simply breathtaking.

In just about a month’s time, we will officially be under 300 days remaining. My mini milestones are getting more and more exciting because we are moving closer and closer to discharge. But, there are still plenty of days left in the countdown for me to continue this G.O lovefest so I will try to remain focused. For now, come get lost with me in some dreamy Ho Dong fan art.



~ 💙💙💙~

[Image cr. Woorugo]

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