The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 399

Three years ago today G.O made his Korean musical stage debut with his first performance as the troubled pansori artist Dong Ho in the haunting musical Seopyeonje. I cannot believe it has been three years. Oh how I would love to see this musical revived again with G.O returning to reprise his role as Dong Ho. For the moment, I will simply hold on to that dream while revisiting G.O’s first curtain call on the Seopyeonje stage on this 399th day of his service.

What an amazing and important moment for our blossoming musical actor. He was beaming. And yet in watching the fan cam of his curtain call, he also appears to be holding back some emotion. It had to have been so amazingly overwhelming for him for it was a very important role and one that would give him his first musical theater award. I have touched on the fact that G.O being cast as Dong Ho was notable. He was setting a precedent as being the first idol from Korean popular music to be cast in the role of Dong Ho. This was truly ground-breaking and important.

On some level, G.O had to have been aware of that. Surely, musical theater aficionados and critics alike were perhaps skeptical of his ability to bring his limited experience on the musical stage to such a masterpiece musical and iconic role. His performance was well-received, and not just by his adoring fans. I am certain G.O treasures the time spent performing in Seopyeonje and I hope he knows how remarkably well he did in bringing the pain and tragedy of the fragile and broken Dong Ho to life. As we all have seen from the beautiful fan cams that are out there, his voice was simply exquisite (as always).

* * *

The sweetness!!! I just love, love, LOVE how Cha Ji Yeon gives G.O that sweet smile and nod of approval as if she were saying, “Bravo sir, you were amazing!”

And indeed, he was.


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