The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 397


My infatuation with G.O’s eyes continue, even if he dare only show us one. For some reason, showing only one eye during some of the Mona Lisa promotions and performances in the summer of 2011 proved to be ever mysterious and absolutely alluring, particularly at the MTV Cyworld Music Festival Dream 2011. Lucky were those who pointed their cams and cameras on him and were able to capture the attention of that one very lone soft and mesmerizing eye. I would like to ease into this Monday, this 397th day of G.O’s service, with the soft gaze of his eyes, the windows . . . or in this case, window to his soul.

Getting caught (and reasonably lost) in G.O’s gaze during aggressive tracks like Mona Lisa and Y had to have been electrifying. Something tells me that if it were my camera being passionately assaulted, even those momentary glances when he honed in would have made me lose not only the grip on my camera, but most assuredly on my senses.

♥~* ♥ *~♥

Even the pointed gaze of one lone eye proves that G.O’s penetrating eye connect is as powerful as if he had both eyes peering into lens . . . or even into your eyes. You know how I feel and how much I believe in G.O’s power to connect with a song and then relay its message to the audience. I believe he is one of the best vocal interpreters in popular music today, true. But what is even more admirable about our passionate main vocal is the use of his eyes when he is communicating through song.

Admirable, yes. And disarming all in the same breath.


[Image cr. as tagged; Video cr. GOTV1106; msshady via The G.O]

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