The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 389

To cap off his flurry of February updates, G.O posted one last picture on 25 February to close out the month. In a visit to the family home in Gimhae, he got in a little exercise hitting the walking the trail with the elegant and powerful Eli, but paused briefly to be strike a pose with the statuesque Great Dane.

Under the early spring skies, G.O was looking ever relaxed, fit and healthy with an equally content Eli by his side as they took a break in their walk. You can almost feel the fresh air and breeze in this picture as it brushes across G.O’s serene face. And his face does indeed look serene.


Every day I pray that G.O is surrounded by those who nurture his spirit and that he always finds ways to continue nurturing that spirit as well. Something tells me that these weekend getaways visiting his family (and indeed hitting the great outdoors with Eli) are exactly the nurture I so desperately wish for him. I am confident that it feeds and energizes G.O’s soul in ways that only a supportive and loving family can, and that includes the furry four-legged animal family members as well.~^^


[Image cr. G.O]

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