The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 390

I am not going to deny that when I praise G.O, some (if not all) of those accolades have been stated more than once. I like to praise him, have you noticed? I happen to think he is rather praise-worthy. I know that I have repeatedly stated how much I admire the way in which G.O connects to music. It will always be one of my favorite things about him. But what about the way he connects with fans? I think I have mentioned that kind of connect a few times in various posts also. It too is one of my favorite things about G.O. Then again, my list of favorites is chapters deep. In a recent rewatch of a G.O-focused cam taken during MBLAQ’s mini outdoor fan meeting on 11 September 2011, I became so taken with the G.O fan connect effect that I wanted to share that moment here on Day 390 as a wonderful example of G.O’s Fabled Fan Service.

Our charismatic main vocal was every bit as charming, cheeky, fun and playful at the mini fan meeting. His style for the day was relaxed, casual and sexy, which only added to his charm. I love when G.O rocks the eyeglass frames. His face is so symmetrically perfect that any type of accessory works on him: goatee, hat, beanie, and yes, glasses.

Indeed, G.O looked absolutely adorable and he really appeared to be enjoying the fan meeting. He is SO ENGAGING and DELIGHTFUL!!! What struck me most however, was the moment when the fans walked through a line to receive a handshake from each of the men. Seems a rather simple activity and not anything out of the ordinary at a fan meeting. This is true. But watch G.O when that moment takes place in this cam and you will see what I mean about his connect effect.

Soooooo sweet! First, I could not help but notice how G.O made eye contact with every single fan who paused to shake his hand. In my opinion this is so important and says so much about G.O, his authenticity and graciousness.

Even more endearing is how he actually seems to have said something to each and every fan who passed by and even engaged in some animated conversation with a few. Honestly, I cannot reiterate enough how precious this genuinely kind and gracious man is!!!!! But I am happy to say it again and again.

Super precious in fact.


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