The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 376

I think it is true that many of G.O’s most playful moments probably happen during fan meetings and fan signs. I know that G.O has shown us playful moments during variety programs, and even in the closing moments on the concert stage where often times a sort of playful chaos and mayhem break out. But the fan signs . . . well, they breed a special kind of playful.

I am not quite sure what was in the air during MBLAQ’s Broken fan sign in Yeouido back on 28 March 2014, but whatever it was, it gave rise to some extra special G.O mischief from innocently blowing bubbles to impatiently encouraging fans to speed it up when approaching him at the signing table.

Remembering this time, it seems rather pertinent that G.O was feeling, well . . .  good. He had his first performance in Seopyeonje under his belt – that performance, by the way, his first on the Korean musical stage and Broken promotions were underway. He was absolutely flying on that special kind of adrenaline that is perhaps the byproduct of the love and support received from his fans, and firmly sitting in the bliss of doing what you were born to do, doing it well and enjoying every moment of it.

I hope G.O’s fans always inspire him to create beautiful art but I also hope they continue inspire him to always find the fun and playful mischief that I will always treasure about his ever charming and gregarious personality.

~💙 ~

[Video cr. MemenGO87]

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