The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 375

Although I have not given them their just due here during this Countdown series, it is no secret that G.O possesses perhaps one of the loveliest pair of hands bestowed upon a human….ever. There has been much documentation about his very elegant and graceful hands. I may be in a groove with this series with its plethora of sub-categories already in place; but with 356 days remaining, there is always room for one more so I am adding G.O’s Graceful Hands to the mix because there is much proof documenting such and as is evident in this Countdown series (and blog generally), I have no problem praising him, even something as seemingly trivial as admiring his hands! But…they are beautiful.

In her June 7, 2010 post memorializing MBLAQ’s appearance and performance at the Live Power Music Show two days earlier, A Lucky Day’s caption to her pictures stated that G.O’s hands were pretty. His hands must have stood out for her in the series of pictures she took of him that day and I must agree that her pictures do capture the beauty of his hands, specifically in performance mode.

I know that there are many more focused photographic captures of G.O’s lovely hands and I am certain I will touch (no pun intended) upon those in future posts here during the Countdown; but, I appreciate A Lucky Day’s segue from the performance in and of itself, to particularly comment on his hands. I think her photos above capture G.O’s intensity with the added benefit of being able to appreciate his equally expressive hands as they too move through the performance.

But then, I find art in all that G.O does and clearly believe that he himself is also an exquisite work of art.

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