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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 373

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There was a time when G.O walked on US soil and yes, I missed it. Had I been dialed in to MBLAQ and all of their activities, I would have probably found my way to Los Angeles in April 2012 to experience a little slice of G.O’s genuine fan appreciation when a mini fan sign of sorts took place and he met with fans for a little one-on-one autograph session.

This Friday Fan-Camming day offering comes on the heels of yesterday’s moment of G.O being captured giving some fan love back in his Tykeys days. I always enjoy watching G.O interact with his fans. But there is something wonderfully special about seeing him in these impromptu moments with fans. You know, where nothing has been officially planned or organized. It just happens and oh my how wonderful for those fans to have been there at that moment to meet with him and experience his appreciation.

No matter how rough and demanding navigating the waters of idol life may have been for him at times, the one truly calm and ever-present constant I have noticed about G.O (that remains to this day and I suspect will never end) is his love and appreciation for his fans.

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