The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 369

Don’t you just love the G.OMir dynamic? It has to be one of the most playful inter-group relationships in popular music (Korean or otherwise) today. I really have no foundation on which to build that statement as I have no idea what the dynamics are in other groups since I follow none other than MBLAQ; but I think theirs would a standard by which I could measure all others. I am so ferociously biased, aren’t I? Bottom line with MBLAQ though (in my opinion) is that G.O is the special ingredient in the mix that always brings the playful out in others. Pairing G.O with the equally playful Mir as disc jockeys in charge of a radio studio lays the groundwork for good entertainment, albeit wrapped in mischief.

Back in late November 2012, the team paired up for a couple of visits to the KBS studios to host Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio program. And yes, I would guess that the mischief quotient was probably pretty high in the studio judging by these photographs.

Mir’s energy combined with G.O’s quick wit creates a perfect on-air blend of fun and public interest and is yet another way to connect with fans. Although there are parameters (and I would assume scripts to be followed), the relaxed atmosphere plays well into experiencing the wonderful (and often cheeky) camaraderie between our lovely main vocal and animated maknae.

Among the many things I hope both G.O and Mir pursue following their military service, I think pairing them up again as DJs would be pretty awesome. Really, these two love bugs should get the opportunity to team up on the radio for a show of their very own some day.

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