The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 367

Today marks the one year anniversary of when G.O entered training camp. One year ~~ whooosh! One year ago we said our good-byes (temporarily of course) and now we find ourselves in the final stretch. Come to think of it, there is now less than a year remaining.  It has not been too difficult, right? We can READ MORE

The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 365

When this day is done, when this twenty-four hours of this 365th day of G.O’s service is complete, he will officially have one year remaining in the ROK Army. I am excited but I am trying to keep a lid on the emotions because well, there are still 365 days to go. If this last READ MORE

February 17, 2018 ~ The Dream of a Distant Celebration

I know….I know. He has only just left. But it is never too soon to plan a party, right? It has been 29 days since MBLAQ’s gorgeous main vocal G.O reported to training camp to begin his mandatory military service. On March 17th he will complete his basic training and officially move to an assigned public READ MORE

Yoo Seung Ho

The smoldering gaze of Yoo Seung Ho can most definitely render a fangirl of any age weak in the knees.  Partner that with maturity, poise, intelligence, and affable charm and he becomes downright lethal!  In fact, he becomes a fangirl dream.  When I watch Yoo Seung Ho, I always have to pause a moment to remind myself that he is all of READ MORE

Summing Up Seoul

It is impossible for me to adequately sum up my trip to Seoul when I have so many emotions crowding my heart.  Let’s just say I did not want to leave.  Perhaps that in and of itself, sums it up. READ MORE