The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 348

How did I manage to come this far into this countdown series without talking about MBLAQ’s Cry MV?! Shame on me!!^^ This was after all the very first MBLAQ MV I ever viewed. As such, it holds some really special meaning. Not only that, from a purely visual and artistic standpoint, it is nothing short of electrifying. Day 348 of this countdown would be otherwise unremarkable indeed. But taking the time here today to revisit the visual splendor of G.O in the Cry MV pushes it to the forefront of perhaps being one of my favorites as we begin this new year inching towards discharge day.

I am not sure if my heart went into some strange arrhythmical beat while rewatching the Cry MV due to experiencing some cardiac-related medical mishap, or if it was merely reacting to seeing (and hearing) the beauty and magnificence of G.O splash across my screen. If you don’t feel something while watching this MV, you might want to check your pulse. My heartbeat was all over the place.

With good reason. I mean . . . look at him! Visuals aside, both the song and MV were perfectly executed. While the song showcased the vocal diversity that sets our amazing men in absolute quality apart from their contemporaries in Kpop, the MV proved that indeed MBLAQ had more than one visual. It can be safely argued that all five members (at that time) of the group could easily have been given the title of visual next to their name along with their given statuses in the group. Of course, because I am sooooo partial, I think my bias should always have the title main vocal, visual following his name. You may even agree.

I will give credit where credit is due. All five of them look amazing in the Cry MV. However, G.O’s voice will always push him a little bit more forward than the rest (for me). And while it is true that G.O does not need any visual enticement to draw attention to his amazing talent and vocal ability, I am not going to deny how insanely gorgeous he looks in this MV.

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[Video cr. Jtunecamp]

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