The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 324

I know that G.O has quite of bit of down time during the song Scribble but it certainly is not going to deter me from wanting to watch and/or share a focused fan cam of him during that song. In fact, I rather love watching him get lost in the music in the interim moments when he is not singing, often time smiling and waving to fans ~ connecting. But when he does sing, it is heartfelt and a truly blissful watch. Our Fan-Camming Friday dish served today is from a May 2012 performance at Busan Catholic University. Let’s get lost with G.O, shall we?

Devastatingly handsome dressed in black, the range of emotions G.O emotes visually as he sings always pulls me into his journey. It seems (as far as I can tell) that G.O never sings a song for the sake of just singing it. There is always meaning, feeling, and a connecting that occurs. I love watching him perform, even when he is not singing.

Arrrggghh….gets cut off before the wonderful last phrase . . . !

Getting lost in song is a place I am sure G.O is ok never being rescued from. I know that when he sings, I always willingly follow him on the journey with no desire of ever finding my way back.

His voice, his art . . . is forever my sanctuary.


[Image cr. as tagged; Video cr. 자리나모]

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