The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 310

It is Day 310 and time for another installment of  Fan-Camming Friday. This fan-camming moment is actually a sequel to Day 303 where I visited an early G.O-focused fan cam moment from the 24 December 2009 TBS Christmas Special. In two short days it will be Christmas so I thought I would keep in line with the season by sharing another focused cam of our beloved main vocal. I am calling this post G.O.O.D Christmas Luv.

I think this is the first time here on this blog that I am talking about MBLAQ’s energetic and infectious dance pop song G.O.O.D Luv. Sometimes I think I get so very wrapped up in the ballads that I neglect the more upbeat songs in their catalog. In revisiting G.O.O.D Luv here in this live cam version, I am falling in love with it all over again. Pure joy explodes all over the stage with this song. It is so much fun.

Playful party aside it is also a song that successfully showcases G.O’s ever powerful, clear and dynamic vocals. At about the 1:48 he tosses his vocal lasso around your heart and pulls you in. Softly at first as he sings:

날 보는 그대를
[When you look at me]
날 단지 감싸주고 싶어 yeah
[I want to protect you]
날 한번 쳐다봐
[Look at me once ]

But then the emotion bursts from him  . . .

너 하나만을 . . .
[Only you . . .]
너 하나만 사랑하는




I dare say, it is my favorite part of the song both vocally and lyrically. Still you cannot help get caught up in the anthem-like feel of the G.O….O.D Luv~G.O….O.D Luv~G.O….O.D Luv . . .

Even though the song is basically a plea to not break up, I am confident our smitten hero in the song convinces his beloved that she is his only love and that his love is true. I’m guessing that ultimately he wins her heart.

Heck, his smile is enough to win mine!~^^


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