The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 309

If I limit myself to only posting various performances of G.O singing for the next 422 days, it would be quite nice indeed. However, it would deprive all (including me) from enjoying all aspects of G.O’s charm. To be honest, it would also be lazy of me given my overall desire to share every bit of G.O’s art and talent which is in no way limited to just music. While it is true that music is what generally defines him for it seems to be his first and foremost passion, G.O’s own exploration into other genres of art certainly expands his horizons as an artist perhaps even revealing exciting new ways for him to express himself artistically. If I confine this series to just music, one thing is certain: we would miss out on getting to revisit G.Os playful antics such as those captured at Samsung Galaxy’s S III Big Idol Match on 7 August 2012.

I have three words: Hot Hopping Potato!

Yes, probably one of the most iconic moments (for A+ anyway) of the Big Idol Match was seeing the 87-Line in the cushy soft, and rather rotund potato costumes they wore as that hopped through the gymnasium field that day, each trying to out-spud the other.

Honestly, I laughed until I cried. G.O had to be the cutest and possibly the most competitive potato on the field that day, bar none. Sorry Seungholics but . . .

. . . you have to admit he is one cute potato.^^

Of course, the potato race was not the only event at the Idol Match that day. It was however, the most entertaining!

Now that G.O has crossed over into this third decade, I often wonder if we will ever see him participating in events such as this one. I doubt it. Personally, I am satisfied with those he has previously partaken in during the early MBLAQ days. There have been many and all have been reasonably well-documented.

It is rather fortuitous that I decided to take this countdown journey as it is affording me the opportunity to revisit G.O’s refreshing, humorous and charming playfulness.

Over and over again.^^


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