The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 303

You know, in MBLAQ’s early debut days, I think many fans were misled by G.O’s mature, street saavy look with his cropped tossled hair and goatee, and were quick to label him a bad boy. I think if I would have discovered him in those early days, he would have had the opposite affect on me, for all I see is dreamy, handsome and sexy. With five members in the group, I know G.O was not always the focal point (amazing to me but true~^^); however, if fans paid attention (and there were many who did) to the incredible passion, strength, tone and beauty of G.O’s voice while getting lost in his expressive eyes while he sang, the truth of his tender and romantic heart would shine through revealing that his core was softer than any flower boy in Korean popular music at that time and probably still is. It is nine days before Christmas and Fan-Camming Friday. In anticipation of the holidays, I want to revisit the 24 December 2009 TBS Christmas Special and MBLAQ’s hyung line performance of My Dream with a cam focus on G.O . . . of course.

My Dream is one of my very favorite early MBLAQ ballads. Not only is the melody beautiful, the lyrics have depth and meaning. It is also a song that holds very special meaning for me as it was the song the fans sang at the final Curtain Call show back in 2014 to MBLAQ following a very moving and retrospective video memorializing MBLAQ’s history and what they meant to their adoring fans. Given the long and emotional road of healing he endured since Curtain Call, My Dream is a song that can bring solace to both G.O and his fans.

포기하고 싶을 때도 너무 많았지만
[I wanted so much to give up]
다시 날일으켜준 건너
[But again I overcame]
멈출 수 없어 널 위해 노래하는 것
[I can’t stop singing for you]
이건 나의 꿈
[This is my dream]
You are my dream

*  *  *

This is my dream
가끔씩 힘에 부쳐 쓰러지고 싶을 때
[The power comes to you when sometimes you want to fall down]
It was my dream
몇번을 넘어져도 날 다시세워준 건
[Everytime I fall, I get up again]
You’re my dream
You’re my soul
You’re my reason
살아갈 이유 바로 너
[You are the reason I live]
I need you girl
니가 바로 나의 꿈
[You’re just my dream]

This song . . . oh, the feels. But the emotion is compounded further when you watch and hear G.O sing.

How sweet was their “Merry Christmas” at the end?! Sighhhhhhh…..

I listen to MBLAQ, and specifically G.O, daily. It may seem silly, but listening to his voice makes me miss him less while he is completing his mandatory military service. I have my ‘go to’ songs and My Dream is on that list. I absolutely love it. In this early performance it was executed well by the three elders, Seung Ho, G.O and Lee Joon. Still, I admit that I have put this song on my own dream list of reworks I would love to hear G.O sing solo. My Dream is exactly the kind of ballad G.O was born to sing. I long to hear him sing it again.


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