The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 298

Today, I am in the mood for a little bit of savoir faire. It is Day 298 of G.O’s service and a Sunday. Even though every day is special in this countdown, today I bring a touch of elegance. As we inch closer to the 300th day of G.O’s service, it continues to amaze me how quickly the days are passing. Trust me, I miss G.O very much, but father time is obliging us all by moving swiftly and with purpose. A simple and sweet flashback for today then, with an added splash of sophistication. Surely you remember G.O in that sharp black suit and tie at the January 2012 Hello Baby press conference.

Television appa-to-be G.O looked every bit the dashing and handsome prince as he escorted his precious co-star, Yoon Da Young, to the 16 January 2012 press conference held to announce KBS Joy’s line up for the fifth season of their variety-reality show, Hello Baby. Inasmuch as I believe G.O began his bias-wrecking crusade during promotions (and perhaps even long before then), I am thinking Hello Baby may have helped him win a few more hearts with the tide indeed picking up momentum with the press conference.

He is so very charming.

And seriously, calling him dashing and handsome is putting it mildly.

As is well-established here, you know I adore G.O’s style. But I admit to being weakened terribly when that style comes in the form of a suit. Suits wear G.O so very, very well.


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