[event] One Mirror A Month – December Winner (Round Two)

So . . . I gave France three days to respond and it seems there were no takers for a free copy of Mirror. As I said, I had no idea how this event would play out, but I am not defeated quite yet. My rule book reads, if the first one view/one visitor forfeits his/her win, I must move to the next one view/one visitor country on the list for 8 December, and again make the offer. Let’s see if I will be successful this time!

Ok, Colombia, it is your turn. The first to tweet to me @micheledemarco ~> “#OneMirrorAMonth #ColombiaLovesMBLAQ” will receive a free copy of the group’s 8th mini album, Mirror which I will ship free of charge. My goal with this event is to honor those visiting the blog as well as spread MBLAQ love (talent and music)! I am determined to share every extra copy I have of the Mirror CD. So come on…if you have not listened to Mirror or added it to your collection, take a chance. I am pretty sure you will love it!

Felicitaciones Colombia!!

[NOTE: If there is no response, I will try again next month.^^]

~♥ ♥ ♥~

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