The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 229

The best part about the otherwise goofy and nonsensical drama,더 드라마틱 [The Dramatic], was the fact that G.O was not confined to one role. I kept wondering when he would show up next and as who!! The Dramatic was a drama that featured various idol groups using their music as a back drop to a story line for each given episode. MBLAQ kicked off the series starring in the first episode, 러브스쿨 [Love School].

This was definitely not the kind of drama that was going to let G.O show off his stellar acting ability but it was fun nevertheless and unlike the other members, he took on five different roles in the 50 minute episode. Impressive!!!

He was a smitten teacher. Every member of MBLAQ was smitten with new student Moreani in this episode.

He was a student.

A school security guard.

An energetic and charismatic MC.


Work it, handsome!!

And perhaps my favorite, a quirky school ahjussi janitor.

Oh my…. I love him!!

Cleary, The Dramatic was an idol entertainment vehicle purely targeted at the fan bases of the idol groups participating in the series. This was not high end drama ~ but it was another facet of fan service the men of MBLAQ offered their adoring A+

I have to admit that I really was not buying into the fact that a new student enters a classroom and it was only the five men of MBLAQ who fall for her. LOL!! But hey, it was their episode (aptly entitled Love School) so they really could not have other protagonists vying for the ingenue’s affection, right? It had to remain focused on MBLAQ.^^

The Dramatic was a whimsical farce that showcased some of MBLAQ’s music and a lot of lovely visuals of our charming men. I once again saw a naturalness and ease in G.O as he settled, albeit briefly, into each of his various roles. Inasmuch as I would have loved to see him settle into one of those roles (which one would you choose?) for the duration of the episode, getting a chance to see G.O portray a variety of characters was a testament to his versatility as an actor, something I feel he has in abundance. More acting roles for Byung Hee, please!!!


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