The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 228

I remember when I first heard 열쇠 [Key]. I thought…wow, this is exactly the kind of ballad made for G.O to sing. When MBLAQ released Broken in March 2014, I was pretty confident they were going to pair 남자답게 [Be A Man] with 우리 사이 [Our Relationship] as the teasers J Tune released seemed to indicate such. However, when MBLAQ staged their comeback and began making the rounds performing on various music programs, it was 열쇠 [Key] that became the worthy partner. They also performed 열쇠 at the Broken Showcase on 24 March 2014 and it was easy to discern the rapturous effect the beauty of the song’s melody and heartfelt lyrics had on our gentle main vocal man.

I admit to shying away from listening to 열쇠 [Key] for some time as it brings me back to the memory of the events of the show in Busan on 2 October 2014 where G.O uncharacteristically wept while singing the song. October 2014 was the month when we learned about the Curtain Call shows and also were hit with rumored announcements of the departures of Lee Joon and Cheondung from MBLAQ. Although we may never learn the true reason that prompted those tears, they came during the performance of 열쇠 [Key] and thus for me, seem to be forever bound to that song making it that much more of a heartbreaking listen.

Memories aside, I cannot deny how G.O approaches and sings this song. With tender emotion, every note and every inflection in the lyrics seem to leave their mark not only on us, but also on him. Maybe I hear things that aren’t there when I listen to him sing, or see things differently when I watch him perform.

I want to open your
Shut heart right now
And go in, carefully,
Step by step

I want my heart to be the key
To open your heart’s door
So I can breathe with you
In your scarred heart

The one constant, however, is how G.O makes me feel. He makes me feel music in ways I have not. He makes me appreciate the beauty and wonder of a well sung song, to open up to it regardless of whether I understand all of the words. I understand the emotion and how it transports me and that is what is most important. G.O has renewed the magic in music for me. I cannot wait until he returns and to hear his voice again.



[Video cr. thegopygmalion]


  1. Nan says:

    Someone who knew I have a G.O. bias in MBLAQ shared the video of October 2014 with me just a few days after. I immediately sensed that something was Very Wrong with MBLAQ. Because even though there were 5 members… I have always considered G.O. to be the heart of the group. And when I saw his tears… I knew he was heart broken. And it broke my heart too.

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