The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 214

On 26 May 2011, Episode 12 of MBLAQ’s Sesame Player aired and with it the final Fragrant Interview. The Fragrant Interview segment was one of my favorite of the series because it was almost like a truth or dare (without the dare) game wherein one of the men acted as interrogator asking a series of questions to their unsuspecting MBLAQ brother. If the answer was not acceptable, a penalty was issued in the form of a fart bomb. In Ep 12, the Interview was like a retrospective of the previous Interview segments and is my random Sesame Player episode choice for Day 214 of G.O’s military service.

I cannot decide what I liked better: when G.O was doing the questioning or when he was on the hot seat being questioned! Both are equally entertaining. I rather loved his effective and curt command of ‘penalty’ when he issued them in past episodes. Unfortunately, in the final Interview, the supply of fart bombs had been depleted; therefore none were issued much to G.O’s dismay.

In previous episodes, one of the men was deemed the interrogator of the segment. He would question each of the others. In Episode 12, they mixed it up by allowing a different interrogator for the victim being questioned. G.O questioned Seung Ho, Cheondung questioned G.O, and Seung Ho questioned Joon. In Episode 13 (the final episode) Joon took on the two maknaes.

Even though I absolutely adored G.O and Seung Ho’s dynamic as G.O rehashed some of Seung Ho’s past Interview moments (especially the ‘baby belly’ admission, and the conclusion that Seung Ho sweats alcohol…lol), it is G.O’s moment being interrogated once again by Cheondung that I really enjoyed.

G.O getting to address some of the image blows he had taken throughout the course of the series further sealed my love and admiration for him because, at the end of the day, G.O is who is his, makes no apologies for it, and is decidedly blunt and straightforward.

The image hits and G.O’s responses:

  • G.O is a two-faced man. When Cheondung asked him to explain, G.O simply stated it was ‘impossible to understand‘.
  • G.O has a folder on his computer that contains pornography (the infamous Pigeon Folder). G.O’s immediate response was that it was a rumor but in the event it was true, not to publish it. Cheondung reminded G.O that it was too late. ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
  • G.O has Prince Syndrome. Essentially Prince Syndrome accuses someone of being narcissistic, egotistic, vain and self-centered. G.O said it is not Prince Syndrome and that he is merely setting his character. He further states that he is a kind-hearted person. Cheondung suggests that G.O is perhaps a mirror prince instead. But of course. G.O agrees that it is essential to check one’s self in the mirror frequently so as to make sure there is nothing running out of one’s nose! >< Finally, Cheondung asks G.O if can swear that he does not have Prince Syndrome to which G.O replies that he cannot.

Awwwww…….you really have to appreciate that in the end, regardless of any hits his image may have suffered throughout the course of Sesame Player, G.O is truly straightforward and honest. Not only to us, but also to himself. In-teg-rity!!!!

Wait! Did someone mention honey abs??! I have no doubt. None whatsoever as a matter of fact that G.O possesses abs sweeter than the sweetest honey and frankly, I am happy he does not feel (nor has he ever felt) the need to flash them. That said, far be it from me to deny wanting to have a peek!^^ Do not discount our mirror prince… my opinion, his physique is the best of the bunch!

Here is a bit of G.O’s moments from the final Fragrant Interview of Sesame Player, Episode 12.


[Video cr. ABMSubs]

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