The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 215

The many shades of black, chrome and sophisticated blue of G.O in the Japanese Mona Lisa MV is all that is needed today to satisfy the G.O One Shot slot for Day 215 of G.O’s military service. In GIF formation, I am keeping it short, sweet, and decidedly sexy.

There was something so dark, sensual and illicit about the Japanese MV for Mona Lisa. I remember when I first saw it I immediately fell in love with the dark and broody atmosphere. It was full of angst and intensity. And then there was this:

😍 😍 😍

With every tick of the clock from his debut to the present, G.O has grown more and more handsome. But like I have mentioned countless times, his handsome is of a very special variety. It is special because it comes from somewhere very deep.

True, G.O’s physical beauty is a feast for the eyes, but what he does to the heart by way of his talent and his humble and gracious demeanor is far more powerful. And once you discover that truth, he will capture you and it’s game over.



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