The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 210

I think one of the main reasons I love Broken so much is that the men of MBLAQ took the sensual vibe of Sexy Beat, let it mature like a fine wine and came back with sheer elegance and sophistication when they released their 6th mini album. With the smooth groove, 둘이라서 [Because There Are Two], I felt as if G.O was also maturing as a writer and composer. Coupled with that was his instinctive ability to call upon outside assistance from respected writers, composers and producers (Avengers and Radio Galaxi) to help take what was simmering in his melodically sound retro soul and give it cohesion and vibe.

Don’t get me wrong, G.O needs absolutely NO assistance whatsoever when it comes to writing and composing. He is extremely adept, with a heart of a poet who most likely hears music in everything. It is always good to have someone to bounce an idea off of, to bring his or her experience and talent to the table so that your own creation can feel the benefit of that influence. I could be wrong, but I think G.O gets this idea. Anyway..can we just love on 둘이라서 [Because There Are Two] for a moment?

길을 걷다 가끔 네 생각에
As I walk on the street,
하염없이 한 숨이 나와서
I endlessly sigh at thoughts of you
네가 보고 싶어 힘이 들잖아
I miss you, it’s so hard,
미련한 내가
I’m a fool.

This indeed is a break up song, but instead of wrapping it in a heart aching ballad, the collaborative writing team of G.O and Mir, with the help of the Avengers and Radio Galaxi gave it a medium paced R&B swaytastic (yes, I just made that word up) groove that flows. You cannot help but move when you listen to this song. And Mir’s rap is so on point.

Additionally, there is so much complex layered instrumentation going on in this song. It reminds of how classical composers would build a composition piece by piece layering each instrument. Take Mozart’s Requiem, for example. The strings are doing one thing, the bassoons are doing another. Every other instrument in the orchestra is on what seems to be a different path yet in the end, when ultimately combined together, the result is harmonious and lush. THIS is how I feel about 둘이라서.

Am I comparing G.O to Mozart and calling him a musical genius? Perhaps. One thing is for certain though, G.O is not like any other idol. In fact, I cannot even call him an idol as I do not see him as such. G.O is an artist, an artist in every sense of the word.


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    • Michele says:

      Hi Janus!! Oh my yes…..when really taking a moment to listen to the songs he has written and composed, it is evident that he is an amazing writer and composer. I still live in this fantasy of believing that he could successfully write and compose an entire musical. I will keep putting that request out there….!!! In the meantime, I hope he is writing and composing in his free time from his service. He could conceivably have an entire full length 12-15 song album at discharge!!!! No preasure, Byung Hee!!!!

      I hope you are doing well!!~♡

  1. Nan says:

    Have I heard this one before? I don’t know. I think G.O. is super talented, especially when it comes to writing songs.
    But even if he doesn’t have a song, he has a way of making it his very own. How he does that I am not even sure. But, there is a tenderness in him, that is evident when he sings, and makes you believe he means every word from the bottom of his heart.

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