The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 206

Remember back on Day 183 I took a look at G.O’s various jewelry style and put a note to myself that I should plan a post about the various hats he has worn over the years? As is obvious, I decided not to wait too terribly long to have look and chose today to see why he is so very much at the head of his class when it comes to head-gear, and is indeed a milliner’s dream.

It would take me longer than the 525 days left of G.O’s military service to amass all of the pictures there are of him wearing the various types of hat, beanie, or cap that he has placed upon his gorgeous head. I have collected a few to share here today which only scratches the surface of the various styles of head wear he has rotated over the years.

Not everyone looks good in a hat. I am just being honest. For example, I look silly in hats – any kind of hat. There is no hat in hat-dom that will look remotely cool or stylish on me. I think it has something to do with proportion and facial structure. I really don’t know if there is a science behind it. But what I do know is that G.O possesses the right proportions, shape and structure that allow any hat to look good.

Whether G.O wears a hat for warmth, to go incognito, or simply to accessorize, he knows exactly what frames his face with attractive balance. Of course, having that ‘attractive’ foundation already set in place makes any style amenable.

Then again, much like his clothes, the fedoras, beanies, baseball caps, conductor caps, messenger caps, and even the ROK-issued beret and helmet all have the privilege of wearing him. They all do it quite well….and fashionably so, I must say.


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