The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 205

He may have been all of about twenty years old when Tykeys dropped their album Ty Project No. 1 in February 2007, but the makers, creators, producers and writers, knew full well that Byung Hee was vocally fit to handle a song or two on his own. He was given two on the album. I will give each equal time here but for this 205th day of G.O’s service, I feel like being wrapped in the gentle and warm embrace of 내가 아니라도 [Even Though It’s Not Me].

I absolutely love it when G.O settles into the smooth groove of an R&B song, you know, a neo-soulistic grind that rubs up against you and fills the entire body, mind and soul with even more fiery passion, admiration, and love for him? Ty Project No. 1 let G.O (then Jang Goon) go there a couple of times and I will take a look at all. Today I opt to feature the gentle and touching ballad 내가 아니라도 [Even Though It’s Not Me].

To let go of the person you love because you know they love another….heartbreaking. I have said it a million times over and over, but it is truth: G.O really knows how to sing love lorn, heart-wrenching ballads that make you ache. Here, he opens 내가 아니라도 in almost a gentle whisper. However, as he continues to lament that he is still in love but wishes his beloved happiness, the urgency (and volume in his voice) increases perhaps to suppress his own feelings. Still, he sings, 난 언제라도 좋으니 내게 다시 돌아와~~ wherein he basically says that no matter when, if she comes back to him, it will be good. His heart is forever hers, regardless of situation…including the passage of time.

Here is a small taste of our glistening and passionate vocal virtuoso singing this gorgeous ballad at what may have been the Tykeys Showcase in March 2007 after the release of Ty Project No. 1. [Calling on fact-checkers to confirm!!]

Romantic overload. Because G.O is able to journey deep into the emotional infrastructure of a song (both lyrics and melody), and because he is perhaps so very sensitive at his own core, his ability to interpret is effortless. He remains an absolute wonder to me and continues to leave me in awe of his remarkable talent.

Love him!


[Video cr. Allison Ingraham; blaqies4ever]

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