The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 198

Family. If there is one thing in addition to music that I feel is of utmost importance to G.O, it has to be family. It seems that when he chose to pursue music, his family has always been there to encourage and support this passion, every step of the way. Inasmuch as I adore the fact that he is the baby brother to two older sisters, it is perhaps his uncle position in the family that delights me the most.

I think I have been getting these sudden G.O family feels recently because he hit the six month mark in his military service and, as a result, was eligible for a break where it seems he promptly headed south to spend time with his family. And yes, this post is replete with pictures that have been shared and shared again. Still, I never tire of seeing G.O in family pictures, especially with his handsome twin nephews and adorable nieces.

A long, long time ago I began a series called 116 Reasons To Love Byung Hee. I admit I have pushed that series to the back burner in light of beginning this current series of countdown posts during G.O’s military service. I suppose each of these 198 posts to date could also double for reasons to love him!!!

My very first Reasons post was all about how I believed G.O would make an excellent father some day. To me, the proof lies in the way in which he uncles his nephews and nieces, and how he appa-ed three young children in Hello Baby (Lauren, Dayoung and Leo). But it is more than that. It is his sense of family that seems so very strong, and is one that expands well beyond his own immediate family.

Sometimes I think that every connect G.O makes has some semblance of family at its foundation. For he found family within Tykeys and MBLAQ, easily. And in some ways, I think G.O even finds a sense of family with fans.


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