The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 197

Back on 27 August, our lovely main vocal gave us another profile picture survival report update. Sometimes I wonder if he is missing us as much as we are missing him. Nevertheless, he has consistently given us quiet updates in the most secret of fashion – which I absolute LOVE! As he has completed six months of his military service, it seems he was entitled to a short leave or break. His 27 August profile pictures for his Twitter and Instagrams accounts seem to imply he may have been visiting his family in Gimhae.

G.O updated his Instagram profile picture with this shot perhaps taking a momentary break from walking Elli, the great dane he gifted his sister’s family.

Is it me or has G.O become even more broader in his shoulders? He is looking so fit and healthy. I don’t know where he is walking but it appears to be absolutely serene with all of the lush foliage and soft clouds in the gentle blue sky. Mmmmmm, it has nurture your spirit written all over it.

Next (for his Twitter profile pic), was a capture of him walking along a pebbled walk way, barefoot. In shorts and a t-shirt.

Again, evident are those broad shoulders and his wonderful V-Line shape. Not to mention some rather shapely calves. I hate to be checking him out so blatantly, but…he’s looking rather fine from behind here!

I have often felt that when all the areas of your life are gently falling into place (health, relationships, career, spirituality) that there is this balance that not only seems evident in how you feel, but in also how you look. There’s a beauty or glow that emanates, regardless of physical make up. Now, G.O just happens to already possess some full-on handsome. But, in all of the pictures that he has been sharing (in which we can actually see him) – including the pictures of him during training camp, there is a serenity in his eyes and a general bloom that is radiating from him. This time away to regroup, to be surrounded by the love of his family and to have the time to just contemplate HIMSELF, is exactly what he perhaps needed. Whatever he is doing, it’s working. I look at him and I see and feel peace.


[Image cr. G.O]

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