The G.O Love Forum

While I am unable to actually have a live interactive forum here on The Fangirl Adventure Log, I was still able to create an independent one where we can meet, chat and fangirl. As I am very new to forums, it is still undergoing some construction so expect some bumps in the road as I figure it all out! But as of now, it seems to be up and running! Please note that currently (if I have it configured correctly), there is no need to register to interact on the forum, although you are encouraged to do so; however, you may access the forum as a guest and hopefully post freely.

My only request is that you keep in mind it is a place to play nice and love on G.O. If you have some negative agenda towards G.O or M3LAQ, then it is probably not the place for you!

Join the discussion here: → The G.O Love Forum


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