The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 189

Thirteen seconds. A thirteen second guest spot. That is all we got. Even though the thirteen seconds G.O spent on the Inkigayo stage on 12 February 2012, guesting on Sunny Hill’s 베짱이찬가 [Grasshopper] were short, he still managed to give us an equal balance of sweet and sexy amid the soft sounds of his honey-laced voice.

What’s a girl group to do when their lone male member decides he is going to enter his mandatory military service the same month promotions begin for the group’s comeback? This is exactly what pop group Sunny Hill faced with their January 2012 comeback when member Jang Hyun announced he would be entering the Army that same month.

The ladies of Sunny Hill were resourceful indeed, enlisting the help of a few male idol singers during their live performances promoting their single 베짱이찬가 [Grasshopper]. G.O was one of the vocalists who took the stage with them. Love!!!

베짱이찬가 [Grasshopper] has a techno house feel to it. It is fast and furious but there is a ease and smoothness in the vocal dynamic which I feel is evenly balanced by all four ladies. Add in a touch of G.O and of course the smooth quotient increases even amid the fast pace of the song. 베짱이찬가 [Grasshopper] is catchy and also has a pretty deep meaning about getting caught up in a busy competitive world where time just passes by trapping us in a repetitiveness that pushes us further and further away from happiness.

G.O’s four short lines in the song are delicately powerful, summing it all up:

난 참 바보처럼 살았군
[I lived like such a fool]
쳇바퀴 속을 돌고 있었군
[I was living in a rat race]
다 흘러 흘러 흘러 놓쳐 버린 시간만
[It all passes passes passes, the lost time.]
A bit of a reminder perhaps that living in the fast lane trying to keep up with everyone else is often a losing battle with nothing gained. In the end, the time wasted in doing so passes and when lost, is lost for good. G.O’s sexy wink at the end of his verse is almost a declaration stating: ‘I’ve had my say….the choice is yours.
I choose to be winked at incessantly by this man!!! Oh my how I love when G.O throws a wink! ~.^
[Image cr. as tagged; Video cr. Li Wei]


    • Michele says:

      Seems the ones in the audience were well aware of the fact that he was special guesting that day!!^^

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