The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 190

It has been awhile since I raided the Hello Baby archives for a post so I decided to choose a random episode to have some fun with on this 190th (OMG….!) day of G.O’s service. I chose Episode 7 which as you may recall, was the episode wherein the MBLAQ appas decided they needed a mother for the children. This ep introduced five potential mommy candidates who, according to the appas, needed to possess four very important traits in order to be considered for the position (G.O offering the first two…lol!): 1. Beauty. 2. Beauty. 3. Wealth. 4. Some childcare knowledge. *smh* <~~~~ And vigorously so!! <hehe>

It was Seung Ho who brought reason to the situation by suggesting that the candidates should have some knowledge of childcare. Yes, leader man, always the voice of reason. But, ok, ok, in G.O’s defense I will say that he also had a point in that the children would most probably respond well to a pretty mommy. A soft, warm, attractive appearance would most likely be inviting and, hence, agreeable to the children. As such, they would be more apt to listen and easier to manage. On my first watch, when I got to this episode I was like…no, they don’t need a mommy, they are doing just fine on their own!!! But then realized it worked well for entertainment value because the entire process of seeking a mommy for the children was entertaining and funny. And, ok…even though I honestly believe that G.O has a very nurturing quality about him, a female presence around the children would increase the nurturing spirit in the house.

I was actually on board with the candidate that G.O chose because not only did she say he was the best appa <he-he>, I agreed that she was very nice and was perhaps the only one of the candidates who clearly wanted to woo the children more than the appas themselves. She also majored in childcare at university and clearly was the best qualified. Somehow I believe G.O recognized this (after he bypassed the fact that she satisfied their criteria, and thought he was the best appa, that is)!^^

Offhand, I cannot remember who was ultimately chosen, but I believe it was not his choice who was picked. I will need to rewatch the subsequent episodes (I know Ep 8 has some fun moments that I can revisit later here on the countdown). The antics leading up to meeting the potential mommy candidates along with their auditions to win the hearts and minds of the children and the appas, is what made this episode such a treat to watch…and re-watch.

As much as Hello Baby was a reality/variety show structured to be humorous and entertaining, I cannot help but think that G.O took the rearing of those three adorable babies seriously. I guess it is just something that comes part and parcel with an nurturer! I admit to being completely melted by his interaction with the children, and especially with Dayoung, whose heart he truly won. That feeling was so obviously mutual.



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  1. Nan says:

    G.O. was the best Appa! And he was wonderful with the children! Hello Baby definitely revised my MBLAQ bias list… and shot G.O. straight to the top!

    • Michele says:

      If peeps did not fall in love with him during this show, I just don’t know what!!! He’s a heart-stealer and bias-wrecker of grand proportions!!

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