The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 188

I have been enjoying the exploration of G.O’s many endorsements and know I have not even scratched the surface of realizing them all. What is most enjoyable is that in seeking out endorsements, it often leads to more than just a mere peek at the product being featured. This is a good thing in that it expands the material available to share and invariably takes my thoughts to other more substantial facets of his style. An artist’s style is most definitely an extension of his art. On the surface today it may look like I am taking a look at some of G.O’s jeans endorsements when in fact, I really would like to simply look at his denim style.

I admit that lately I have been giving G.O’s style a big chunk of my attention. I can only hope that you are all admiring his style along with me and will continue to indulge this mild obsession. Ok, I know I am not fooling anyone, the obsession is a bit more than mild, but you have to admit, you are benefitting from it, also! <hehe>

As I have mentioned (repeatedly), G.O’s style has run the gamut from cool and casual to elegant and sophisticated. A man in jeans (paired with any kind of shirt) is the kind of wear that could easily fall into both of those categories, depending upon the situation. A man in jeans is rugged, yet casual, and sexiest when he has the body to fill them out. Remember during King of Masked Singer one of the female panel members made a comment about G.O’s thighs and that he looked sturdy? Anyone else scream when she said that?? She was reading my mind – even obstructed by the cumbersome costume of the delightful bungeoppang, G.O looks adorably sturdy in this pair light denim jeans with cut out knees.

The ladies also commented on his broad shoulders but I will leave his shirt/sweater style for another day! I wouldn’t necessarily say that jeans are G.O’s go to pant of choice, but he does seem to have a healthy collection of denim. Some brands he has endorsed (or simply wore) include Denizen Jeans, Tomboy Jeans, TBJ, Calvin Klein, Jambangee, Union Bay, to name a few . . .

Yes, G.O has definitely kept denim in rotation both on stage and off proving that he is indeed divine in denim.


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