The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 183

If G.O ever needed a side gig, he would have a lucrative career modeling jewelry. To be blunt, he has the perfect hands for rings, perfect wrists for watches and bracelets, perfectly proportionate ears for earrings and a neck that any necklace would enjoy draping itself around. Throughout his career, G.O has had the opportunity to endorse jewelry, but endorsements aside, I think the pieces he wears are just another extension of his eclectic style that can be edgy (Chrome Hearts, Maco Adamas) or classically sophisticated (Ingersoll, Lantz). Whatever the style, G.O proves that the jewelry he wears, wears him equally as well.

There has not been a piece of jewelry that G.O has worn that has ever felt out of place or awkward. I have to admit that sometimes rings do not work on men. In fact, pinky rings have been generally my least favorite on a man whereas a wedding band, which may be simple and plain, is most attractive (probably because of the symbol it represents, hehe). But any ring on G.O (pinky included) is a win. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that he has large hands with long, elegant fingers.

I have often felt that although G.O was not an overly big guy, that he still had the most powerful and shapely wrist which bode well with any style of watch and/or bracelet. And, his perfectly shaped pierced ears look stunning in small, yet eye-catching earrings, should he choose to wear them.

*Note to self: Plan a post on his style of head wear*

In a 27 June 2011 interview with Japanese magazine B-Pass, G.O was asked:

Q.  What’s your “must item”?

A. “I’d say rings. I always have three on my fingers.
This is my favorite brand (Chrome Hearts), my earrings
and clothes are also of the same brand, so basically I’m collecting them.
Actually, up until now I’ve never stuck to one particular brand,
but now I’m really having fun doing so.

Here is a little montage of G.O’s jewelry style over the years which include styles from Black Dice, Chrome Hearts, Ingersoll, Justin Davis, Lantz and Macos Adamas, to name a few . . .

G.O has made me appreciate a man adorning himself in jewelry in the best way. His style is quietly present, balanced and actually quite sexy. The pieces he wears suit him and round out his wonderfully attractive style….not that he needs anything further to make him attractive.^^ I think some fun questions to ask him about his jewelry might be what his first piece was, did he buy it himself or receive it as a gift and, does he still have it? He is very loyal to the pieces he continues to wear (the Chrome Hearts earrings and rings) so I often wonder if those were indeed his first pieces.

One thing for certain, whatever piece G.O decides to pull out of the jewelry box to wear is indeed a lucky piece, for it has been given the privilege of wearing him that day.


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