The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 179

As of today, we are three weeks away from G.O completing 200 days of his service! Soon we will be marking the half way point and even sooner, we will be celebrating his return. These days are moving at lightening speed. For today’s post, another G.O One Shot. I once again have to turn to the incredible camera work of A Lucky Day. <I’m obsessed!>

A Lucky Day seems to have kept her camera’s lens focused on MBLAQ from debut through March of 2012. It is a collection of some of the most stunning pictures of MBLAQ ever taken (in my opinion) and even though we have all seen them dozens of times, the pictures (especially those of G.O) never fail to leave me breathless. Today an artistic black & white from the Mona Lisa era.

The camera loves G.O. This is true . . .for each capture proves he is flawless work of art.


[Image cr. as tagged]



    • Michele says:

      Time is flying….that is for certain! Even if he doesn’t celebrate the 200th day, I sure will celebrate that I achieved 200 posts in his honor! Even bigger celebration at 365 (the half way mark) and then maybe will rent a hall to cheer the finish line at 730!! Really, I need no special day to celebrate G.O ~ I celebrate him every day….even if my critics think I am ridiculous. He is worth every second of my time and I will never tire telling the world about him!!😀

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