The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 178

It should come as no surprise that I am choosing to capitalize on the fact that we are in the middle of the 2016 Summer Olympics currently under way in Brazil. Indeed, as much as I love the artistic side of G.O (always), I rather enjoy watching his athletic pursuits as well. In the spirit of the Olympics, I decided to revisit MBLAQ’s participation in the 6th Idol Star Athletics ~ Archery Championship from early 2013. Even though our beloved men of MBLAQ came up short and ultimately lost to ZE:A in the archery finals, it is not going to detract from the fact that G.O is one very able archer.


Better yet, I like to think of him as a capable cupid!! Ok, ok….let me put the nonsense aside and say that I was duly impressed by G.O’s natural affinity towards archery. Focus and concentration really become him. And it appears that he possesses quite a competitive streak.


I do not know much (if anything at all) about competitive archery, but I would think that stance, position and posture would all have to come in play to create perfect alignment for a successful shot. G.O has a powerful stance and his posture is absolutely perfect. The lines of his body in the archer’s stance are exquisite.

The final match between MBLAQ and ZE:A was made even more exciting when G.O hit an on-the-line 9 and tied the score forcing a tie-breaker. No matter how many times I rewatch the last four rounds, I still cheer G.O on as if it were the first time seeing him compete in this final! I’m kind of a dork. ><

I know we will probably not see G.O taking part in these kind of idol challenges and competitions in the future. Still, it is nice to revisit these moments of MBLAQ’s past and certainly to enjoy once again G.O’s indelible charm . . .

. . . and ever delightful smile.

As far as I’m concerned, G.O will always be a gold medal winner in my book!


[Video cr. KSHOWNOW]

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