The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 171

It has been some time since I opened up the Sesame Player vault to feature a moment from a randomly chosen episode and since it is the 6th of August I went ahead and chose Episode 6 and from that episode, the Ddabong Challenge. The goofy antics of Seung Ho, G.O, Joon and Cheondung had me giggling throughout the entire segment. Of course, that was when G.O wasn’t assaulting all of my senses with his charm, charisma, pouty lips and dreamy eyes. So distracting! ~.^

I will never begin to understand the wacky challenges our beautiful men in absolute quality would punish each other with week after week during these half hour long segments of the cheeky Sesame Player. Nevertheless, they never failed to entertain and always provided many laughs.

I feel as if we were given this all access pass to peek in on their playful unchaperoned antics where hyung hierarchy often came into play and their desire to entertain each other was just as strong as their desire to entertain their fans. In Episode 6, one of the challenges they waged against each other was leader Seung Ho’s suggestion of DDabong.  In the first round, each one of them had to best the other in how loud they could say the word “Ddabong“. Now, you would think with his pipes, G.O would reign victorious by out-ddabonging all of them.

As it turned out, G.O was the first to lose the challenges of the day and it was by way of this unlikely vocal-powered game! He took the punishment of the dreaded 딱밤 [a painful flick to the forehead] without too much complaint or drama.^^

Zen the pain away, cutie!

In round two, the goal was to deliver a serious ‘ddabong’ and G.O managed to get some revenge when leader Seung Ho laughed in the wake of the Joon’s verbal detour thus breaking the serious atmosphere and making him the unfortunate recipient of the 딱밤 attack!

Hehehehehe . . . G.O administering some complex left-handed ancient Changwon technique no doubt! MBLAQ surely brought the laughs in all of their variety show work, but there was just something unique and special about Sesame Player. It certainly proved that the charming men of MBLAQ were as adept in variety as they were in music.

This countdown journey is in many ways re-introducing me to G.O by way of shows, pictures and performances that I am often seeing for the very first time. Likewise, it is also letting me revisit many of my favorite moments of him. I know I am not offering anything new or different, but I really hope that in sharing these G.O moments I am reminding you of how truly special he is and how we really need his art to return with blissful vengeance in February 2018.

I will be ready!


[Video cr. ABMSubs]


  1. Nan says:

    Note to self… never play games with G.O. if the penalty is being flicked in the forehead… he’s pretty serious when he dishes it out! LOL

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