The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 172

While it is every fan’s dream to see their favorite group perform live in some capacity, the fan sign is what takes everything to the next level. Indeed those brief and special moments in a concert venue where you are close enough to grab the attention of your bias for a wave, high-five or even a selca are plausible if you are fortunate enough to have a spot near to the stage. The fan sign, however, guarantees that one-on-one moment with your favorite group and even more importantly, your bias.

The greedy fangirl in me wishes she could have attended every single fan sign in the history of MBLAQ. That would have been many, to be sure. But if I was given the chance to travel back in time to attend any or as many as I wanted, I would definitely go back to the Mona Lisa signs of July 2011.  I am sincerely grateful for my Mirror fan sign experiences and would not trade them in for anything, but I cannot help but wonder what it was like to have experienced one (or more) of the earlier ones. Thankfully, the MBLAQ internet vaults are replete with fan cam videos and pictures that invariably transport us all to those wonderful fan sign moments.

When I look at these beautiful pictures of G.O captured at the Ilsan fan sign in July 2011, I am completely swept away by the mysterious and romantic vibe nestled in his provocative style. His soft and delicate smile is warm and sensual. And the way his glossy hair is gently swept over one eye creates a coyness that is both alluring and adorable.

His fan service oozes with never-ending graciousness. Sigh………

G.O’s aesthetic sensibilities collided head on with his Mona Lisa style where he wed a very edgy and eclectic look with absolute demureness. I do believe any edgy look he pursues, at any given time, will always be tempered by his soft and romantic core. The jewelry along with the black and white suit capped off his entire look by adding sophistication and elegance. The Mona Lisa era is definitely one of my personal favorites.

But then again, as I am so very much smitten, I would declare every era equally so!!~😍


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