The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 166

Shortly after debut, the men of MBLAQ continued their endeavors to take over the world…hehehe…well, more like win over more hearts, and they were succeeding. In addition to using their incredible musical talent, they were also appearing on many variety shows and visiting various radio studios introducing audiences to their special brand of wit and charm. From June to August 2010, G.O let his sweet and sexy charisma descend upon DJ Jung Ga Eun’s radio program, Sweet Music Box.

Oh how sweet it was!!! In this portion of one of the broadcasts, G.O and Ga Eun who portray beloveds chronicling their relationship by way of diary entries, are chatting on the phone. She requests a serenade. G.O’s tender and beautiful voice is the perfect lullaby.


In chatting with one of G.O’s most loyal and dedicated G.Orgeous, we came to the conclusion that G.O needs his own radio show! He would be an outstanding DJ who could easily have a successful weekly program (well, nightly would be ideal, but he does need to sleep and also create music). Can you imagine?!

G.O could do so much as a radio show DJ. From singing live on air, interviewing guests, chatting real time with fans, or even creating some wicked fun and entertaining radio skits and/or dramas, his natural gift of gab coupled with his quick wit, intelligence, and amiable personality would certainly make him a hit across the radio waves. I know I would tune in!!!

Here is the full audio from the 2010 June 25 broadcast……swoon!!!


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  1. Nan says:

    And I was thinking Michele, if you could request G.O. sing you a song as a Lullaby… what song would you ask him to sing?

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