The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 150

150 days served!! Ok, true, there are quite a few more to go, but I still love to celebrate each day completed as it means G.O is closer to returning. Now with maknae Mir enlisted and safely at training camp (it’s Day 2 for him), I feel like a beaming parent (er..uh wait, more like a thrilled older sister) full of pride and happy that 2/3 of MBLAQ are currently serving together. There is a sweet synchronicity of having our beloved wild brothers serving just 148 days apart from each other. So I think today, I just want to love on the brotherhood of G.O and Mir.

I do not plan to write much for this post. I really just want to admire the adorable brotherly love between our cheeky maknae and gentle main vocal.

Yes, there is simply something so inherently sweet about these two. Maybe because they are both water signs: Mir is a Pisces and G.O is a Scorpio. Water signs tend to be emotionally sensitive, and have a high awareness of the emotions of others. They are also generally considered to be imaginative and dreamy.

Probably on point, right?!

I think G.O and Mir inspire each other, are a great writing team, make each other laugh, and are perhaps the brothers to each other that neither never had.

They are both so adorably cute.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

As well as outrageously handsome and sexy.

They will be concurrently serving out their military duties in the public service sector, and will both be discharged in 2018. If leader Seung Ho enlists by the end of this year, he too will be discharged in 2018. Something tells me this MBLAQ modus operandi is far more strategic than it is random.

Serve well my loves and Godspeed!


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