The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 151

When it comes to G.O, I honestly have no problem sounding redundant. I do not mind singing his praises over and over. It is one of those things that comes natural to me it seems. It makes me feel good to admire him so ardently. So I do not mind repeating (and re-repeating) how much I love when G.O pairs his gorgeous vocals along side a rapper. Primary seems to be in agreement.

I’m Back is a catchy song about a man’s view post-break up and how he is cool with it, moving on in celebration as opposed to heartbreak.  G.O’s collaboration with Primary and rappers Yankie and Double K allowed him to work with respected musicians and rappers from the Korean hip hop world and most importantly, solidified a professional and artistic relationship with Primary himself. The production team at Primary’s record label Amoeba Culture stated:

We believe that G.O’s singing ability is superior, has rich sensibility and he is a very charismatic singer.

They could not have been more on point.

G.O’s incredible ability to to garner praise and respect in the music industry is not surprising and I certainly appreciate his willingness to explore collaborative work outside of the parameters of MBLAQ. Collaborations and guest spots on songs are a natural progression resulting in fantastic side projects that further promote his wonderful talent.

It often introduces him to an entirely new audience and further secures his artistic credibility throughout the industry.

Finally, he continues to do it all with a gentle and easy humbleness that seems to be indicative of the kind of artist and indeed, the kind of man he is.

He is pretty awesome all around, if you ask me! ~.^


[Video cr. Babo Park; Crispeeee]

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