G.O’s InstaHAPPYgram

Every day is a good day to be a MBLAQ fan but today was extra special. With G.O quietly serving out his military duties in public service, social media updates are cautiously allowed. He has restrained absent a few Twitter/Instagram profile picture changes which is a sweet (and cheeky) way to connect with his adoring fans while he is away. He went one better today by updating his Instagram account with this gorgeous picture of himself along with Seung Ho and Mir with a caption that read:

The three of us have been reunited after a long time.
We’ve worked hard.  Can you tell what cds are behind us.

I can work with infrequent updates from him if there are more selcas (solo or with the group) in the future. Then again, I am perfectly content with any method he chooses, so long as he continues to stay in contact. ^.~


[Image cr. @jung_g_o/Translation cr. @la_bunnay]


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