The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 134

When music chose G.O it was most likely with the understanding that he would not be limited to only singing. It was going to be full immersion which included writing, composing and arranging. Thankfully, there are many avenues an artist of his caliber can take when music becomes his life force. The OST is indeed one of those avenues. And ok. it may have been helpful that G.O’s bandmate was cast in Iris II, but I believe 바보같 은나 [What A Fool I Am] would have landed on its OST (or any other, for that matter) because not only is it perfect OST material, it is simply a well-written song.

It is a well-established fact that G.O and Mir make a great team when it comes to putting together powerful and catchy OST offerings. 바보같 은나 [What A Fool I Am] is definitely one of those songs. It is energetic yet possesses an incredibly smooth flow. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that our main vocal and our main maknae are water signs. ^^

I have not watched this drama so I am relying on the online synopsis of it. Although it seems to primarily be a sequel action/thriller espionage-esque show, there appears to be some underlying romantical ties between some of the characters in the drama. Hence, a love song could very well be a welcomed addition on the OST. On the surface, 바보같 은나 [What A Fool I Am] could easily be construed as a song about love lost, that is love lost between a man and woman. But the power of G.O’s writing also allows it to be a song about the dissipation of a relationship, any relationship.

I am positive the lyrical content holds a far better (and poetic) meaning in its native Korean, but even on translation, you can feel sorrow and regret.

The cold wind blows again and like a habit, I close my eyes
My heart that I can’t pour out still lingers around you and wanders again
The broken memories scatter in just one moment
Maybe it’ll be better if I erase you in this way
We can’t turn things back now and I can’t tell if I’m deceiving myself

* * * *

I have no choice but to hold in the emotions of my heart
Losers of love always get covered up by the world
I don’t want to climb out of this abyss and go up
In the mirror, I see a pitiful monster

Because I’m good-for-nothing, only my regrets keep repeating
Now you’re faraway . . .

G.O is an extraordinarily accomplished composer and lyricist – although this amazing and humble artist might wave off the compliment. What he cannot deny, however, is the excitement pending the 20 March 2013 release of 바보같 은나 [What A Fool I Am] when in anticipation, he tweeted to his followers two days prior to the release that final mastering of the track had been completed.

I hope to experience many more song, musical, and/or acting announcements from G.O in the future. Until then, he need only sit back and relax as I continue to beam with pride sharing all he has accomplished thus far.


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  1. Nan says:

    I never watched Iris II, even though I knew Joonie was in it. He wasn’t enough “incentive”.
    I started Iris when I found out Rain was dating Kim Tae Hee… but by ep 4 (about the time T.O.P. shows up, I had all that I could stand of that drama). LOL

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