The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 135

There was something very regal, majestic and somewhat medieval about the jewelry and accessory designs of Macos Adamas. The crowns. The swords. The shields. Very King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table! Inasmuch as no one was going to replicate the style and status of Chrome Hearts, many young Korean artists, actors, and performers were still happy to endorse and wear the many eclectic and stylish pieces of jewelry and eyewear Macos Adamas was offering. Including that handsome young knight above.

Macos Adamas came to Cheongdam-dong in February 2009 and it was a feast for the senses, even before walking into the store! The styles and offerings were quickly received by pop culture and unique and limited collections were even created to be used in various dramas over the course of the store’s existence. Specifically the dramas, IrisProsecutor Princess and Cinderella Sister. The Macos Adamas store closed in February 2013.

I would imagine it was pretty cool for newly debuted G.O to be sporting a few pieces of jewelry, especially those pieces from the MA ring collection. I have always appreciated G.O’s love of rings. Perhaps it is because he has such long and elegant fingers that rings suit him and look extra special nice.

G.O’s sense of style down to the jewelry he chooses to wear is always on point. Adding a few strong pieces of jewelry can create some edge, to be sure. With G.O, whether formal or casual, that edge is buffered by the sophisticated way he carries himself. He is so effortlessly sexy.


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