The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 115

If you have had a chance to look over the index of these countdown posts, you may have noticed that I have been trying to group various posts within some kind of subtitle of sorts: Becoming ImmortalG.O One ShotSinging Benét, etc. I have also included a subtitled group called The Heavenly Collaboration. It is in that group that I must place G.O’s Wild collaboration with Mir.

When I look at my overall list of collaborations that I hope to share throughout the course of this series, I have to say that none come close to being as visually stimulating and exciting as G.O and Mir performing Wild. Unleashed during MBLAQ’s 2012 1st Asia Tour – The Blaq% Tour, I think G.O finally established the fact that he could be aggressively provocative and that he possessed a sensual nature that was not mutually exclusive to emotional ballads.

Provocative. Yes. When I watch the Wild performance, that is the first word that comes to mind. I knew G.O had rhythm and could move well. He had been proving that since debut. Thankfully, live concerts almost always provided G.O (as well each member of the group) a solo stage. Looking back on G.O’s solo stages, he always seemed to choose ballads to share. With good reason, those are his forte. Ballads are where he shares his art, his heart and his soul the best. G.O was able to do that on the Blaq% Tour during his solo stages.

The bonus during that tour, however, was getting to see the flip side of our passionate main vocal when he took the stage with Mir for the explosive Wild.

I usually don’t get jealous. But I am going to admit right here and now that I am jealous of every single person who went to any of the Blaq% shows and got to hear G.O not only sing Cracks of My Broken Heart but experienced the very sexy Wild performance.

When G.O and Mir collaborate, magic happens. I will say that my preference is Mir’s soft rap against G.O’s mellifluous vocals (like in Pray, for example). But here in Wild, an aggressive dance track brimming with swag, Mir’s intense, coming at you like a freight train rap, My pretty girls, your prince who will burn your hearts has arrived here, is the perfect encouragement to G.O’s:

My friends tell me that there are probably tons of guys
chasing after her

But again, I just laugh, for real
So what? I don’t care, I tell my friends
She is secretly staring at me and that’s all I need.

Normally, I would not fall for such machismo. For me, G.O would never have to resort to such lengths to prove his masculinity for I feel he has an overabundance of it which is always displayed at its most potent and disarming best when he is at his gentlest.

Oh my, yes.


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    • Michele says:

      Who….if I am not mistaken may be part of Rain’s dance tribe!!! They did tour with MBLAQ.

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