The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 103

I guess you can call me sentimental. Two years ago today I experienced my very first MWave online meet and greet with MBLAQ. I was working long hours in New Orleans that week for my job, and did not think I would be able to stay awake long enough to watch the show. Scheduled at a decent 2:00 PM KST hour, that translated to midnight my time. But the moment I saw G.O with his hair freshly sheared, goatee-d in a fedora wearing a t-shirt with the goddess Venus de Milo on the front of it (a definite shout out to his goddesses), I was wide awake and ready to watch the fun begin.

What I was not prepared for was G.O’s delightful shout out. It was a surreal moment, and one I cherish.

On this, the anniversary of that day, I simply wanted to remember and take a moment to once again declare G.O the sweetest and by far most gracious artist in popular culture today, east or west. I will continue to find ways to commemorate those aspects of his character in addition to his indomitable talent because part of what makes G.O so special (in my opinion) is indeed the man he is, and the character that is the foundation of that man.

Love him. Miss him. 628 days…and counting.


[Video cr. Mwave]


    • Michele says:

      Hi Janus! Hehehehee…..I think he was even surprised he recognized me! So sweet. I probably should have included a translation of what he said, but I think his reaction was translation enough! Hahaha!!

      I think this moment is proof that they really do pay attention to their fans. At least I am sure G.O does.

      So precious.❤️

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