The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 102

On August 7, 2011, G.O appeared on the SBS music competition show, 1000 Song Challenge and gave us a preview of 너에게로도 디시 [To You Again], the song he would compete with on Immortal Song 2 just one month later.  The difference between the two shows however is that for IMS2 he was able to prepare. For 1000 Song Challenge, a karaoke machine randomly chose the song for him which he then had to sing from memory with no preparation or rehearsal. It did not matter.

I am not exaggerating when I say G.O is a virtuoso, and I challenge you to not fall under his spell, to not be bewitched by his charm and swept away by his tender voice. When G.O sings, no matter what, where, how or why, he will invariably take you on a journey to depths of your own heart. Whether you or he, or anyone else wants to believe it or not, I am convinced G.O’s gentle voice will always touch hearts, especially those that have felt the wound of love.

Inasmuch as the stage was crowded with many competitors, it did not distract G.O from finding the emotion in the song or the emotion inside of himself. However, I did love the sweet and somewhat shy smile he gave mid-performance acknowledging the audience for their appreciation of his of-the-moment interpretation of the song.

When I watch and listen to G.O sing, I am constantly reminded of his answer to Yiruma when Yiruma asked, “what kind of singer do you want to be?”

His reply:

One that sings with the heart and not the head. Sings. With. The. Heart.

I sincerely hope that G.O feels to the core of his being that that is exactly the kind of singer he truly is, and in my opinion, has most probably been from the very first note he ever sang.


[Video cr. entertainmentSBS]

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