The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 96

When I am asked why it is I am so very drawn to G.O, I have to confess that it is not all about the music or the fact that he is perhaps one of the best looking men in Korean popular music today (in my opinion any way) with brains to boot, and a charming personality. It is deeper and more profound. It is his character and honesty, and in the way he carries himself. It is also in the way G.O connects with his art, his music, and his fans. So you see, I am drawn to him for many, many reasons.

In the early MBLAQ days, there were so many ways the men were able to connect with fans from concerts to fan signs, the café and various sns outlets. From 2009 through maybe about June 2014, there was constant contact it seems. It really was a golden era for the fans. Aside from actually seeing them in person, their participation in sweet side projects specifically designed for their fans was especially wonderful.

No matter what the event, be it an appearance on a variety show, a concert, in-store appearance, fan sign or meeting, there was no limit to what G.O would do or how he would do it, if it meant pleasing the fans. And always, I would gather to say, he did so honestly from his heart.

The early days saw G.O perhaps at his playful best. The group was riding high and there was no limit to what they would do to please their loving fans. The Season’s Greetings projects were especially delightful. There was so much pretty in the 2012 Season’s Greetings package that it most assuredly became one of the most unique and prized treasures the men of MBLAQ gifted their fans.

The twenty-some odd minute video MBLAQ filmed in connection with the 2012 Season’s Greetings package is full of questions and answers. It is a delightful collection of thoughts about the coming year, month-by-month and is generally a video fan meet. It also includes previews of many of the pictures included in the materials that were part of the package. And MY GOD, G.O’s handsome, smile, and playfulness are simply off the charts.

I have not found the entire video subbed but in my limited understanding of Korean, I am pretty sure that when G.O chose a number card off of the board and the question read, ‘what energizes you?’ His answer: “A+.”

Really, can he be any more precious?


[Video cr. 베카]

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